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Below is a list of the property management services we provide to our clients. If there is a service you are particularly interested in but cannot find listed below, please call us directly at (248) 394-0464.

Rental Property Evaluation+

Our Property Manager will meet with you to evaluate your property and make recommendations that will help to prepare your property and obtain the optimal monthly rental amount. Using our comparable rental analysis and a wide range of resources, we will suggest a rental rate for your property. Our goal is to obtain the highest dollar amount the market will bear based on current market conditions, keep vacancies low and increase your return on investment.

Property Showings+

Our office is staffed with agents to answer prospects and show homes daily. We offer extensive marketing that uses a combination of signage, print ads, MLS listings and online advertising through multiple websites at no additional cost to you. We schedule and have an agent attend all showings of your vacant property to prospective tenants and will pursue all leads and inquiries related to your property promptly. Weekend and after-hour appointments are available at no extra cost to you.

Thorough Tenant Screening+

Applicants are required to submit an extensive application, allowing us to pull & review:

  • Credit History
  • Civil & Criminal Checks
  • Landlord Verification
  • Income History

We ensure all agreements have been properly executed and secure necessary funds prior to the tenant’s move-in. We document the properties condition using digital photography prior to the move-in as well as have the tenant complete a move-in inspection report (insert clickable move-in checklist here) verifying the condition of the property at the time of move-in.

Monthly Rent Collection+

We collect rental income at the beginning of each month. All rent funds are deposited into Millennium Realty of Lake Orion Inc’s account and cleared so you never have to deal with NSF funds! We will serve the appropriate notices if rent has not been paid by the 7th of each month. Millennium Realty will handle court proceedings and the eviction of your tenant in the event that rent is not paid.

Monthly Accounting, Bill Payment and Disbursements+

We disburse the rental proceeds to you in the manner instructed on a monthly basis. We can disburse funds by check or Electronic Funds (EFT) or via mail. We provide monthly itemized statements showing income and expenses related to your property as well as a year-end accounting summary of your account. We also offer complimentary bill payment.

Coordination of Property Maintenance and Repairs+

We coordinate all property maintenance and repair requests using our network of independent contractors, vendors and handymen that we have worked with for many years. We will pay the property bill out of our Client Trust Account on your behalf. Owners are notified of repairs and may also choose their own contractor to complete the repair.

Tenant Problem Solving+

Tenants are instructed to call us with any problems, complaints or suggestions, not you! We are committed to investigating all problems and responding in the timeliest manner possible. We always strive to remedy the situation with the least possible cost to you. Tenant retention is good for everyone and of course, our priority.

All of our property management services listed are provided at one low monthly fee and you only pay for rent collected. WE HAVE NO HIDDEN COSTS!

Water Bills+

MRE pays water bills and collects the funds from the tenant to reimburse the payment at no additional cost to our Owners. If this is not done, the water bill could go unpaid and will appear on your tax bill with penalties.

Advertising and Marketing+

We use an aggressive marketing campaign on each and every one of the properties that MRE manages. Our advertising campaign will include print ads, online advertising, direct mail, social media and newspaper advertising. All of this AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!

Professionally designed flyers, direct mailing pieces, electronic marketing, on-line advertising, MLS and print ads are just a few of the things that will be used to get your property rented.

We begin our advertising campaign the very first day that your property is listed with MRE.

Tenant Screening+

MRE networks with realtors, business and other industries to find quality tenants, maximize your bottom line, reduce vacancies and increase your profits.

Credit Check

A thorough credit check report will show past to present payment history of each applicant. This will give you good insight into an applicant’s ability to manage money and debt. Evictions, bankruptcies, mortgage defaults and judgments may also show up on a thorough credit check report.

Employment Verification

Employment is verified through the company’s human resource department or other employment authority. We also verify their employment income with current pay stubs. This helps to confirm that their income is not from illegal activities.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal report will include felonies, misdemeanors, various traffic violations, as well as incarcerations. Extensive searches are made using the prospects first name, last name and date of birth. Criminal records are compiled of State, court and Department of Corrections records.

Civil Background Check

A specialized report that will show any cases involving another landlord. This report is run by using the applicant’s Social Security number and name. It pulls the past addresses associated to him/her and searches the housing courts database for any filings paid and un-paid, as well as any evictions matching the name of your applicant. Civil reports can include all court-reported evictions for all 50 states. This is a very useful tool in the field of Property Management.

Rental History

It is always good practice to contact any previous landlord to obtain a clear rental history. MRE contacts the past two if applicable, verifying the accuracy of the information such as lease terms, rent amount, occupants living there, etc. We will also check the landlord reference given with the actual owner of record to make sure they are one in the same. This stops an applicant from listing any friend with a cell phone to pose as the landlord contact.

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Judah Church and Moses (or Samuel) Munson were among the first settlers. Munson, who arrived in 1824, built a sawmill in 1825, and planted the first orchard. Jesse Decker arrived from upstate New York with his wife, Mary, in 1825. Decker proved to be energetic and became "everything to everybody", so that the place soon became known as "Decker's Settlement", and the town was called "Canandaigua", after Canandaigua, New York, where the settlers originated. The settlement grew into a bustling commercial center with a sawmill, tavern, post office, general store, blacksmith shop, school and cemetery. In 1828, a power dam was built uniting several small lakes and forming the mile wide Lake Canandaigua, just west of the village.

In 1830, Jesse Decker raised the first frame barn in the area with the help of local Indians. The first post office was opened in 1832, with Decker as postmaster. In 1835, the community's name was changed from Canandaigua to Orion, and as a result, Lake Canadaigua would be renamed Lake Orion. The same year, the Township of Orion was formally approved by the Michigan Territorial government. Jesse Decker became the first Supervisor of Orion, with a salary of $2.00 a year. By 1836, two persons were licensed to keep taverns in the town, one of whom was Decker. Decker was elected to the first Michigan House of Representatives in 1837 and also served as justice of the peace for the Orion area.[9] By 1840 Decker owned 440 acres of land. Source From Wikipedia

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