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Winter is right around the corner in Oakland County, Michigan!

Web Admin - Friday, October 30, 2015

Changes in weather can pose a real problem to Oakland County property owners if they haven’t prepared themselves well in advance. A rental property not only needs winter maintenance; it needs seasonal maintenance in general. Extend the life your property and lower maintenance costs over time.

Your property is the biggest asset you have – don’t risk costly repairs from lack of maintenance. Take care of your rental property as you would your residential property. By doing seasonal maintenance, you are actually increasing the life of your property.

Prevent damage to your roof - clean the gutters

Clogged gutters won’t let water drain from the roof properly, make sure to give them a quick clean before winter sets in. Clear out any leaves from the drain and remove sticks and any other material that will cause an issue later down the road. Also, remove any leaves from your walkway, as wet leaves can be very slippery.

Trim branches and shrubs.

Check for trees around the perimeter of the house and driveway and located any long or weak branches. Thin and long tree branches succumb to the weight of the falling snow and break off, which can result in them blocking the walkway and the driveway or even damaging your property.

Insulate doors and windows.

Besides the obvious of lowering your tenant’s energy, checking for drafts will also reduce the chance of damage to the property. Check for areas between the doors and windows where heat can escape. Also, inspect the areas where the window meets its frame. If you need to make a repair, now’s the time.

Inspect the chimney.

If your house has a fireplace and your tenant relies on wood to keep the house warm, make sure you get them cleaned before winter. It’s best to hire a professional to check if anything needs to be done to the chimney to make it operational and safe. And even when you don’t have a chimney, make sure your property has a smoke alarm installed. Even if it’s not a requirement, it’s a very small investment and can prevent some serious damage to your property.

For additional information, visit us online at MRErent.com or call us directly at 248.394.0464


Web Admin - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Control weeds now: The best time to defeat perennial weeds like dandelions is in the fall, when they are absorbing all the nutrients they can. Whether using herbicide granules or sprays, weed killers are best if used in steady temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and when the soil is moist.

Don’t scalp it: You may not have to mow the lawn much in the fall, but keeping it short (about 2-3 inches tall for most grasses) will prevent the grass from being matted down by leaves and Michigan’s wintery snow. Pay attention not to over cut though, as grass that is too short has fewer roots, which allows room for weeds to take over. Experts suggest that you never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blades at any one time.

Fall is the best time to fertilize: While grass is short and slowly growing, its roots are still growing quickly- and fertilizer can help your grass establish deep roots for optimal spring growth. Often just one application in early September and another in late October or early November is enough. In cold regions like metro Detroit, selecting fertilizer rich in nitrogen will allow your lawn the best winter protection.

Bye-bye Leaves: Although fall leaves are pretty, they should not be left to accumulate on your lawn all year. A mat of leaves can smother your grass and contribute to the breeding of fungal disease. Rake away leaves and compost them, or use a mulching mower to shred and spread them over your lawn like.


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