Tenant Selection

Criteria for qualifying

Each applicant must qualify individually for the following:

  1. Income - Proof of income must be included with your application. Include any sources of income you may have, from your job, your spouse’s job, child support, alimony, disability, any form of assistance like F.I.A., Section 8 or S.S.I., Workers’ Comp., investment income etc.

  2. Credit - Don't assume that bad credit alone will cause your application to be rejected any more than good credit alone will guarantee its acceptance.

  3. Pets - Some properties have size restrictions, some allow cats but not dogs or vice versa. Call us with questions about any specific property and we will be happy to contact the owner for you.

  4. Prior Rental Experience - We will be contacting your current landlord and as many previous landlords as possible. This is probably the most important item we check. Please assist us in doing this by providing as much information as possible.


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